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Our visitor feedback technology, My Say Survey, is a real-time customer opinion and satisfaction monitoring tool that gives businesses insight into their customers’ in-store or on-location experience. We do this by installing an easy-to-use and non-intrusive customer satisfaction app on a tablet device at one or more strategically positioned location points. All the customer needs to do is press one of five emoticon buttons and the app instantly sends the information to a cloud-based reporting and analytics tool.


Open and honest real-time customer and visitor feedback provides businesses with the opportunity to understand and improve their customer-experience. Happy customers spend more, visit more and talk more about your brand.

My Say Survey - Visitor Engagement and Surveys

Features & Benefits

Faster and smarter business decisions

Visitor feedback gives you the evidence you need to make rapid customer-centric decisions.

Give your customers a voice

Customers want to be heard. They want to be able to praise excellent service or experiences. Likewise, they want to be able to express any negative experiences in a discreet way.

Protect your reputation

If there is room for improvement you will have the evidence you need to implement change and help negate the potential spread of negative word-of-mouth.

Get ahead of your competitors

Customer opinions will give you a strategic advantage over competitors who neglect to appreciate, track and understand what their customer’s really think about them. Even negative feedback is an opportunity for improvement.

Boost your brand

Your visitors will know you are serious about pleasing them and that you care about how they feel about your brand and what they experience when they interact with your staff.

Staff or store performance monitoring

Identify your ‘star’ staff or stores, and reward them accordingly. You will also be made aware of staff or stores whose performance may need to be addressed or given additional training if negative feedback is trending.

Forecast and schedule

Your feedback combined with people counting data can provide you with valuable insight into your customer satisfaction vs staffing ratios and schedule accordingly.

Multiple service points or locations

Obtain feedback from one or many service locations within your organisation, or across a series of stores and locations.

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