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TCS BI provides you with premium technical advice and support for your people counting and visitor monitoring technology. We also provide auditing services for our technologies and solutions to establish accuracy and maintain data integrity.

Technical Support Procedure

Please use the following process for lodging a technical support enquiry:

  1. Contact TCS BI support by
    1. Submitting a ticket directly into our system, please follow the below link
    2. Calling the TCS BI technical support team on 1800 506 706
    3. Emailing your issue to
  2. An email confirmation will be sent to you once you have raised an issue with our support team. It will contain your ticket number and an automatic login link to our online help desk. Here, you will be able to see correspondence from past issues as well as present.
  3. If the issue is unsolvable via email, you will be contacted by phone or a service call will be arranged at your request.
  4. If a unit is deemed damaged and needs to be returned, you will be sent instructions on how to go about sending the unit back.
  5. Our team will advise you and continue to update the status of a job or support issue via our help desk system.

Add-on TCS intell support services

Our promise to you

TCS BI devices have a 12 month service warranty.