Occupancy Monitoring Systems

Occupancy monitoring systems provide an easy to use and effective method to ensure social distancing measures are adhered to but they also provide the first step to understanding customer metrics and behaviour.


Our occupancy monitoring system counts visitors as they enter and exit a location, to accurately provide you with the number of people present. This allows social distancing measures to be implemented safely and effectively.

Current visitor counts and the available spaces remaining are shown on displays which can be placed at entry and exit points to easily show your visitors and staff the capacity at any time.

Knowing your occupancy levels is crucial to maintain effective social distancing. However, managing occupancy using manual counting can be difficult to practice in crowded stores, can increase staff costs and put staff members at risk.

TCS-BI can provide occupancy monitoring solutions that are effective, keep your staff and visitors safe.

Beyond safety data on occupancy can provide insights into customer behaviour and allow you to save time and money by making informed decisions.

The system is fully customisable to fit your location, manage your specific needs and remotely access people counting and occupancy data on any device.

Combined with the ability to store people counting data historically enables you to map occupancy trends for daily, weekly or monthly or annual insights.


Typical Set-Up


What your customers see


Note: Our solutions can be tailored to your situation and the above illustrations are just a typical example.


Features & Benefits

  • Easy set-up without major investment required
  • Live access to occupancy levels to manage accordingly
  • View & store accurate occupancy metrics for planning
  • Remove the need for unnecessary close contact
  • Provide a sense of safety to staff and visitors
  • Scale quickly with minimal infrastructure
  • Customisable options like logos & occupancy threshold
  • Display on any web-enabled devices.


What Occupancy Monitoring can do for you



Accurately measure and analyse a variety of metrics and trends to develop strategic plans that are based on evidence across the entire business.


Use people counting analysis to compare store performance over a period of time against other locations or industry averages. Quantify values of retail space.


Use research to evaluate visitor/sales to staffing ratios and staff performance, scheduling of staff rosters, predicting visitor trends.


Measure your marketing impact, identify which channels and tactics in reaching your audience are most successful, calculate your ROI and use the evidence to plan again.



Features & Benefits

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