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Every visitor provides businesses and organisations with a unique point-in-time opportunity – to engage with them and build loyalty. The best way to get there is by building and implementing customer-centric strategies and procedures. This also means that every aspect of your ‘brand’ should to be geared towards what your customers want from it.

TCS BI helps you understand how engaged (or disengaged) your visitors and customers are with your brand, your store, your staff, your products and services. This provides businesses with a real-time satisfaction and impression of your store and its performance.

Intelligence not to be taken lightly

TCS BI has seen a major shift since it started in the people counting and consumer insights industry. Previously, businesses could stay ‘relevant’ in the marketplace for decades just by existing and providing a product or service that people needed. Those days are long gone, with even established businesses and well-known brands ceasing to exist. Why? Well, were they customer-centric? Did they remain relevant in our ever-changing consumer-centric society by engaging and keeping up-to-date with their customers’ needs? Only they know.

Our visitor engagement solutions will help you to obtain key feedback and create conversations at key consumer touch points, in-store and on-location. Our solutions are user-friendly, reliable and best of all can be integrated into our real-time people counting and visitor monitoring dashboard, Acumen3 Analytics.

  • “When you focus on the consumer, the consumer responds ”

    Alexander Wang
  • “Knowledge is having the right answer. Intelligence is asking the right question ”

  • “Research is like motorway lights, it can’t tell you where to go but it can reduce the risk in how you get there ”


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